Thursday, November 09, 2006

perils of the late night shift

Had to end my shift earlier than i anticipated last night. After a feverish day picking up some more donations, i ended late at work and severely dizzy. *sigh* that'll teach me not to stay up all day and night :-P My head was pounding, inspite the 1000mg dosage of Ponstan in my body. F*ckin A, this sucks.

i woke up in cold sweat earlier. After lunch of vegetables, i still found myself feeling queasy and light headed. Dammit, this hyperacidity will be the death of me.

After a consultation, i read up on my prescribed "bland diet". Fudge, cut down on chocolate, coffee and sweets. So much for the munchies and my favourite things... *sigh* The good news is that i can still take soy milk, which gives me a loophole for my caffeine intake. Fudge, now i'm down to just two of those a day and no more nicotine sticks (just as well, i suppose). Hmmm. I feel better yet more scared after reading all that. I wonder how long will this bland diet last or how long will i last. For now, we'll see...

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hlF said...

uh-oh... will that put a damper on your starbucks planners?

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